Frolic Every Day with Kathryn Para
Frolic Every Day with Kathryn Para
Kathryn Para (she/her)

Welcome to Frolic Every Day with Kathryn Para

A Fairy Dust Factory: With Nature, Story, Song and Play we Weave our Wonder Every Day!

Join to grow wonder. 🌱Community 🧭Resource Dens 🦊Groups & Gathering Groves

Please Note: Public songs have moved to

Please go there to view public, shareable songs and to access song resources, such as song Index, Song lists by topic. 

This space is for community and conversation and building tools and wonder.

This space will be launching soon!


The 🌱Main Meadow is for all community members who join us. It's for anyone who cares for children and/ or wants to "raise the village" to support children and the people who guide them. You'll find parents, educators, professionals, community leaders, grandparents and experts.  We'll have online events for adults and kiddos, expert work shops, recorded and live Frolic the Fox performances, resource shares and break out groups. You can make requests and inspire new songs or new versions of songs! 

🧭Resource Dens

🧭🎵Song & Ditty Den™️, is for all community members and is where the songs live! Includes index and song lists by topic. You'll get song releases, first. Deep dives into songs will show you exactly how to use songs to guide, teach and cue. We'll have a song spotlight, where we focus on a theme or take out a practical song, shake it out and collaborate with how to use this song. 

Soon: 🧭Resource Dens for: 📚Story 🐝 Nature 🫧Play

🦊Groups & Gathering Groves

🦊📍Frolic on the Go!™️ Local Group is a break out group for local parents  (central to to Annapolis, Baltimore, and Washington, DC area ).You'll have access to 🦊🌎Main Den and 🦊🎵Song & Ditty Den. We'll go on local adventures, nature hikes, support local businesses and each other as we get outside! 

🦊🍎Educator & Professional Group a break out group for educators, therapists, child care professionals or other child-guiding professionals.  We'll have song-solving sessions, experts shares, teacher talks, director's den talks (for directors, curriculum specialists and principals, administration, etc.) and sessions for therapists (music, speech, school psychologists, mental health specialists, special needs caregivers, etc.). 

Join us to grow wonder

Lets grow and nurture nature, story, song and play in our lives to grow wonder and connection with the kiddos we raise and serve.